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Can you Afford to Ignore your Website?

An old boss of mine used to open his post and if it wasn’t immediately interesting to him, he used to put it in a pile on his desk and ignore it. His logic was that if there was something important in the pile someone would follow it up and he’d deal with it then. This worked for him 90% of the time, but it’s not a strategy I’d recommend, especially not for your website.

You see for my old boss only 10% of the post expired and he missed out on whatever offer was being presented to him, but 90% didn’t. However when it comes to the internet you can swap those figures round. If you ignore what the net is up to then 90% of it will escape your notice and that’s a frightening amount of opportunity that is vanishing off your radar. The 10% that you do pick up on may have little meaning to you and so you can very quickly loose track of what’s going on.

So, what do you do about it? The internet is a big place and trying to reach into all corners is an impossible job, but you have your own corner of the internet right under your nose, your own website. Ask yourself, when was the last time you looked at your website? When did you last update your content or changed your pictures? Are you gathering the testimonials from your satisfied clients like you promised you would? These things so far are under your own control – but what about what Google is up to with all their algorithm changes and now their crusade on making all websites mobile friendly, what about that? Is your site compliant? It’s time to take action and get a grip on your web presence.

You’re a busy professional running your company and yes it’s hard to get time to sort out your website. If that’s the case then it’s time you thought about getting a website developer involved to help you. It needn’t cost the earth either and a good developer will always over deliver so it’s a worth while investment in time and money to seek out a website designer and at least start the ball rolling.

The internet won’t wait for you and you can not afford to ignore it.

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