Briefing a website designer (Part 3)

Tidy Website Brief: Decide What You Want To Say And Gather Your Pictures Together

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This is the most important point I want to make because a tidy first proof can only really come from having all the info at hand.

This is actually the most difficult thing for most people to do, but with a few tips it can become very easy.

Tip 1: Don’t try and design the site as you gather your info, leave that to the designer. Just decide what you want to say and write it down (preferably type it in an email ready for sending). The get some photos together (again preferably on disk or email). Send it all to the designer with some notes like this:

“Hi <web designer>,

Please find attached the initial copy and pics for my website. I like blues and reds and I want it to have a modern feel (here are some sites I have seen that I like My logo needs to have main focus on the page, but I’ll trust your judgement when it comes to layout.

Looking forward to seeing the first draft, I think we agreed next week.


<your name>”

Tip 2: Keep sending more information through. Don’t bombard them with everything and anything, and keep it relevant to your job. Also try not to send text that’s half written or that you know is going to radically change.

Sending more stuff helps to keep your job at the front of the designers mind, a busy designer can let a job unintentionally slip because of other pressures, so if new info pops up from you in their inbox it helps to get your job done on time.

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