If you are a wordpress admin user – you need to read this

Never one to miss a trick those people hell bent on causing mayhem have struck again. It seems that many, potentially thousands of WordPress websites were set up using ‘Admin’ as the main user username and spam/hackers have noticed this.

There has been a huge surge in attempts to gain access to WordPress websites via the brute force attack method. Basicaly a computer program tries to gain access to your site many many times with different passwords and the wordpress admin user¬†username of ‘Admin’. Now if you don’t use a very secure password, and you stuck with the username of ‘Admin’ your site is going to get hacked.

It’s most important not to use the default word ‘Admin’ as your username and if you have it right now – you need to change it, right now.

To do so you have two options, install a plugin to do it, or delete the Admin user and apply all the posts to another more secure user. Here are some links to help you:

Use this plugin to change the user name


Use this method to set up a new admin user then delete the main admin user


Both actions will take about 5 minutes to do, and could save you hours of downtime and the heartache of re-instating your WordPress Website.

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