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Design Conscious

A Telford based website development studio specialising in WordPress websites.

Hi, I’m Ian Blackford
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I started Design Conscious approximately 10 years ago at a time when the internet was going to be the next big thing. Every year since then I have striven to find the best solution for my clients and to stay on top of the ever changing demands of the web.

Being a web developer isn’t just about designing a layout and adding some links, you have to think about and understand the wider picture. Who is your client, who are their target markets and how are you going to service them in the future. Each site I build is based on an understanding of my clients needs which means I can tailor the design and functionality to fit with their business. Working in WordPress gives me the ability to expand a clients website into new areas in a very cost effective way, it’s possibly the biggest jump forward I have made since I started my company.

I’ve been working with WordPress for well over 5 years now and I have seen the platform grow and delvelop into a system that powers over 60 million website with more coming online everyday. I have crafted techniques of site building which solve many of the problems faced by business owners today, my sites are easy to update and maintain cutting down ongoing costs, they are search engine friendly and can be furter optimised or linked to social media.

I have have built my reputation on creating high quality websites and coupled with my excellent after sales support Design Conscious is fast becoming the regions number one provider of WordPress powered websites.



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