Briefing a website designer (Part 2)

Decide On Your Domain Name

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If you haven’t already got your domain name (the web address) then this is the first thing to think about.

Unless you are really lucky you will find by now that many domain names have been registered and it’s likely your first choice of name has already gone. My tip is to take your company name with www. at the front and (or .com) at the end and type it into your browser bar and see what comes up. Remember – domain names can’t includes spaces so you will need to weld your words together when you are testing. If it’s already taken, try hyphenating your name (hyphens not dots). Examples: <— might be taken <— might not

Something to think about – be careful when you are looking for your domain if another company is already using the name that you wanted then they might not take kindly to you setting up a site with a similar name as theirs. Also be careful with your use of hyphens, some search engines don’t like them and of course it makes it difficult to say when you are telling someone your web address as www dot ace dash website dash design dot co dot uk is quite a mouthful.


This is a tricky one, you can save yourself money by doing it yourself, but you can also create problems (or cost yourself money) in the long term if you haven’t used a reputable registrar. Doing it yourself means you have total control over it, but you also take on the responsibility of remembering to renew it at the right time.

So registering your domain yourself needs careful thought.

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