Design Conscious Telford Website Design in WordPress

Build Your Own Website

We are now offering you all you need to build your own website.

Included in this package is Domain name registration

HTTPS Secure hosting

Unlimited email addresses

Latest version of WordPress installed

Here is how it works

  1. We secure your domain name, either register a new one or transfer your existing domain onto your system
  2. We then set up a hosting account with a secure certificate so your new website satisfies google’s expectations
  3. The latest version of WordPress is installed and configured so that your website is ready for you to build. A holding page is configured so your new website is hidden until you are ready to launch.
  4. You are given administration access to both the hosting account and the WordPress website so you will have full control over everything to do with your website.

How is this different to the other systems?

If you build your website using a platform run by the big hosting companies you run the risk of being locked into their system. Any site that you create there will be using their system and you may not be able to move it.

Using WordPress gives you total flexibility to move to a different hosting provider should you wish.

What are the benefits?

WordPress is one of the biggest CMS system currently available on the internet. It is constantly under development and there are thousands of themes and plugins available to use. Most plugins are free and most have pro versions that can enable you to do even more.

Using Design Conscious as your hosting provider means that you get 15 years worth of internet experience to draw on should you need help and advice. If you need us we are just an email or a phone call away, if you don’t then you can build the website of your dreams.

Build your own website


£155 includes 1 x domain name, HTTPS Secure hosting, unlimited email addresses, latest version of WordPress installed, access to hosting account and WordPress admin for 12 months

Each year the hosting renews at £100. Every two years the domain renews at £32



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