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SEO built in

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t something that should be applied to a website AFTER it has been built, the site should be built with SEO in mind. Here at Design Conscious we design websites on a framework that is search engine friendly and has many expandable features that actively invite the search engines to visit. SEO is built in to our web site design, we think that’s a far better solution for you.

Flexibility built in

When we design your website using our tried and tested framework it means at any point you can alter your site, add content or new features. Within just a day your site could be transformed into an ecommerce shopping cart or incorporate a mailing list or a forum. The flexibility we offer is not only on the website – we offer flexible payment options too. Your needs to be not only flexible – but responsive too. Responsive website design is the best way of staying ahead of the technology curve. Flexibility is the key to surviving online.

Scaleability built in

Your investment in a website should be long term – that’s the only way you will get to reap the benefits. So the long term view needs a website that can grow and scale with your expectations. Our websites are built with that in mind. Your website can grow as quickly as you want it too – and it’s all manageable and controllable. Adding pages, categories, pictures, links, downloads and even video is so easy to do. It’s fast to update and can even be done from home, another office or on the road. Truly a scaleable solution.

Future proofing built in

The search engine landscape changes almost daily and that’s why future proofing your website investment is so important. The framework we use undergoes extensive testing and regular updating. These updates help to keep the code up to date with the latest coding methods and of course addresses any security issues that might crop up. Beyond that we are able to integrate your site with the way you work to make this your forever website. Future proof your website design investment

Admin system built in

No one knows your business like you, so who better is there than you to manage your website? We realised this a while ago so every client now gets Admin access to their site so they can update the content whenever they want. We provide a PDF reference guide for all the day to day website maintenance tasks and we can provide training too should you need it. Don\’t worry, we can always get into your website to support your website maintenance. Admin your own web site with our professional back up.

Of course not all clients want, or have the time to update their site, we know the system inside out and so can structure an all inclusive website design program tailored to your needs and budget meaning your website can have the best attention without breaking the bank.


Technology is moving faster than ever and keeping up with it all is just one more thing to worry about. We at Design Conscious want to take away that worry with our range of  website services and after care. Professional website services and aftercare looking after your website investment.

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